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Haslauer Soft-Pack System

The Haslauer Soft-Pack System has set up successfully in the area of the balneology and whole body skin care.

Main advantages:

  • Prolonged pleasant warm feeling
  • Weightless lying
  • Beneficial Occlusion-effect (Blocking the delivery of sweat and heat through the skin improves the creation of the wished substances)

Sheep-wool bath

The sheep-wool bath has a beneficial impact on the blood circulation due to its warm effects which also revitalize your body. It acts against stretching, signs of wear of the locomotor system, rheumatic pains and migraine. It also stimulates the metabolism and has a detoxifying result.


The mud-bath is a very antique and especially effective warm therapy. The treatment activates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation, loosens the musculature and relaxes the entire body. A mud treatment can also help against gynecological discomfort.

Chardonnay-Trester bath

The skin texture is strongly refined, because the dead skin cells are cleared away with the help of a fruit acid treatment.

Thalassa Vita

This treatment rich in mineral substances has tightening, strengthening, purifying and oxygen-fortifying effects. Just after one application the intensive improvement of the skin is noticeable. This treatment has been used successfully against Cellulites for decades especially in France.

Rugen welfare chalk

We recommend this pack together with an inflammation-restraining pack. If you are looking for a beneficial stimulation of your metabolism, this is your treatment! It also helps against rheumatic problems and skin irritations.

Evening Primrose oil-cream bath

For dry and sensitive skins we recommend this bath .It counteracts against the ageing process of the skin. The strong back-greasing activates the cells, revives and moistures the skin.

Horse chestnut cream-pack

This pack is especially useful against vein disorders such as Edemas, Calf cramps, itchiness and pain in your legs.

South Tyrolean hay bath

Heubad / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klickenThe special composition from blossoms and grass of the hay of unfertilized Tyrol Alpine grasslands contains many different ethereal oils. The bath activates the metabolism, loosens the muscles, purifies and favors the draining of your body.

25 - 30 min.
In combination with a back massage

Cleopatra bath*

The natural support of the Lipid mantels of the skin arouses thanks to an emulsion of goat milk, cream, aloe Vera oil, Macadamia nut oil and Calendula oil. After the bath the skin feels soft and silky. And the effect lasts for a long time!
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