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Facial treatments

The facial treatments with “Mary Cohr Paris” ethereal oils take you into a world of new beauty with impressive results.
Gesichtsbehandlung / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klicken

Facial, neck and décolleté cleaning

This treatment begins with a facial steam bath with herbs or with a heating mask. Afterwards we peel and remove the spots and comedos. In the next step we shape your eyebrows and finally you enjoy a dreamlike massage with active substance serum.
approx. 90 min
with eye treatment during facial treatment

Catio vital treatment

Catio Vital Behandlung  / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klickenThis comprehensive, cleaning and maintaining facial treatment is adapted to the individual needs depending on the skin type.
For this treatment it is necessary the use of the Mary Cohr device which provides a Sauna effect using a heating mask .With it we get a pores-deep cleaning and a careful ionization result. The treatment is completed with a relaxing massage with ethereal oils. Your skin can breathe again giving a radiant aspect to your face.
approx. 60 min

Small facial mask massage

Enjoy a facial massage with ethereal oils.
approx. 30 min

Anti-wrinkle treatment for men

  • Deep fruit acid peeling
  • Revitalizing massage with vitamin C
  • Horse chestnut concentrate for the ocular drainage
  • Anti-wrinkle package with Ice lift
approx. 60 min

Thalassa vita alga treatment

With this treatment tired skin cells are re-activated which improves noticeably its texture. It gives your skin a more consistent and smooth appearance. Take a bath in sea salted water full with algae. Then in a treatment of your choice (purifying, hydrating, etc) we apply the suitable skin pomade over which we lay the algae. Get a fresher feeling in your skin.
approx. 50 min

“Beauté lifting” - anti-wrinkles collagen treatment

Obtain a radiant beautiful skin thanks to an intensive care. The cleaning process consists of heating mask and a massage with pure essence collagen. The complete relaxation of the skin has a positive impact on you. It gives your face a fresher and younger look. This treatment also has a lasting anti-wrinkle effect.
approx. 60 min

Eye treatment with collagen

Beauty-Behandlung / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klickenThis treatment helps against dark rings under the eyes, swollen eyelids and crow`s-feet. In only 1 hour and a half we relax and smooth the area around your eyes. This extremely pleasant treatment has immediately visible results and also gives you a "new" look.
approx. 30 min

“Hydra Neuve” - cell-innovative treatment

The treatment begins with a careful peeling. The Glycol extract gently removes the hard nesses of the skin .It leaves your skin clean and smooth so it can breathe again. The next facial and cervical massages stimulate and vitalize your new skin. To complete this treatment you receive a mask adequate to your type of skin.
approx. 60 min

Peel & Lift

Renew your skin cells with the “Peel and lift” treatment. The beneficial action of the fruit acid creates the peeling effect and the vitamin C provides the lifting effect.
  • Provides more skin elasticity
  • Removes the callus areas on the skin surface
  • Pigmentation - diminishes pigmentation marks
  • Rejuvenation of the face
    approx. 60 min

Pantai Herbal

Spezielle Gesichtsmassage-Technik / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klicken This special facial massage technique comes from Eastern Asia. You feel a deep relaxation and you notice visible improvements immediately after the treatment when you look to yourself in the mirror. The effect is obtained thanks to the intensive rest, remember, if you feel good inside it will show outside! The muscle relaxation and the revitalization of the skin will light your face up.

approx. 60 min

Thalassa vita for men

Shaving often leaves rough, sensitive skin around the cheeks, chin and neck. This treatment helps to have a smoother and softer shaving and it makes irritation of the skin disappear. Feel the difference.
approx. 50 min
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